Efficient 24V Drive Technology

Zero pressure accumulation, low maintenance and whisper-quiet

The 24V motorized roller is perfectly tailored to the needs of intralogistics. A further plus: The rollers convey in an energy-saving manner, whisper-quiet, with low wear and in addition, space, as no drive station is required.

An internal proving ground* in the TRAPO pilot plant in which the trendsetting 24 volt technology was tested in roller conveyors verifies: Compared with 400V drive systems, employing TRAPO 24V technology saves 59 per cent energy.

*in test: unique to the sector TRAPO compared under real conditions not buffer areas and conveying technology with central drive but buffer buffer areas 24 DC with buffer areas 400AC. The actual consumed electrical power was measured.

On request also food-safe

All conveyors can be manufactured in our in-house high-grade steel production facility in a stainless version. For applications in high care- and wet-room areas protected systems are available for the motor rollers: optionally an IP66-certified seal (dust-tight and against high-pressure hose water) or a version for frozen applications up to -30˚C.

Your benefits

  • space-saving
  • protruding motor components belong to the past, as the motor roller replaces the conveyor roller
  • extendable by modules
  • energy-saving conveying
  • simple, quick installation, no specialist electricians required
  • whisper-quiet
  • low-maintenance and low wear
  • prompt product availability

Ideal area of application are buffer lines in which an optimum fill-level of the conveying line is to be reached in the waiting position.


With zero accumulation pressure, conveying goods are buffered which should not be subjected to any impact loads. For buffer line operation no drive is required. The drive of the zero accumulation pressure conveying technology can in the simplest of cases take place autonomously by means of the integrated logic and as such, completely without SPS.

TRAPO technology turns out to be a true heavyweight: proving grounds stand the test with double the weight of comparable competitive products - with up to 200 kilograms.


The roller conveyor systems are easily extendable by module. The innovative 24V technology is employed in belt conveyors and transfers at TRAPO AG.