Palletizing, depalletising and handling competence along the entire line

With decades of know-how and worldwide expertise in the core areas of conveyor technology, robot systems, palletizing, depalletizing and automation, TRAPO AG presents itself as a renowned manufacturer and total systems supplier of conveyor systems, palletizing technology and packaging machines. Primary and secondary packaging such as cartons, trays, pails and more are palletized and depalletized.
The machines in our systems impress with their flexibility, high performance and economic efficiency. We produce in Germany and set standards worldwide ranging from engineering contracts to automation.

Discover the complete palletizing system portfolio along the entire line and convince yourself of solutions that prove their worth worldwide in continuous operation.

HLP series — palletizing flexibly: high-performance layer palletizer

The palletizers of the HLP series operate with high and low inlet. The product range of the high-capacity layer palletizers is optionally equipped with a y-axis, rotary module or even a traversing axis — so that one or more palletizing stations can be operated as required.

High Performance Layer Palletizer HLP Series

The HLP series: product and application flexibility thanks to modular systems.

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HLP series - palletize flexibly: high-performance layer palletizer

The palletizers of the HLP series operate with high and low infeed. The high-capacity layer palletizer product range is optionally equipped with a y-axis, rotary module or even a traversing axis - so that, as required, one or more pallets can be operated.

HLP 6000

HLP 6000 serves a virtually unlimited range of products at high speed.

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HLP 6000 – palletize perfectly: high performance meets flexibility

Highly flexible, the HLP 6000 can be adjusted to any product. Thus, with a high customer product variety and different formats, perfect, neat layers and stacks can be formed at maximum speed.

With this considerable advantage, the HLP 6000 plays out its unique selling point, absolute flexibility: For up to now, much effort has been required to implement complex layer patterns. The HLP 6000 deposits perfectly and thus realizes any desired layer patterns of different formats.

Our knowledge - your advantage:

  • Modest footprint
  • Extremely compact
  • Modular system
  • Multiple feeds
  • Infeed below/above
  • Widest variety of intermediate layer configurations
  • High speeds
  • Possibility of palletizing at several palletizing stations
  • Palletizing capacity of up to 10 layers/min

Flexible layer formation and product distribution

Depending on the product and the task, the flexible, omni-directional table OMNI CON®, the high-performance parallel kinematics of the HKS series with clocked conveyor or conventional methods can be used in the infeed area as a preliminary stage to palletizing.


Flexible: omni-directional moving of objects into the perfect position.

HKS series

Kinematics systems position themselves in the inlet area at high speed.

Equipment options & transport security

Flexible and product-independent: So goods reach their destination securely.

Secure handling

Solutions from TRAPO AG increase work performance and productivity in your manufacturing facility. Our palletizing and depalletizing systems are optimally adapted to different pack units and load carriers which vary in shape, mass and surface character.

The tailor-made programming of precise processes in the overall system requires complex technical expertise. As a specialist supplier for the automation of production and logistics, TRAPO AG integrates hardware and software of various proprietary systems.
The TRAPO Management System, TIM® for short, is developed from practical machine experience for automated machine construction: TIM is the industry-independent, customer-configurable data management system and forms the link to production facilities.
With TIM, customers have their corporate figures in view, in real time. Data analysis by TIM can be used uniformly - with limited authorizations for the respective user level.

Our robot applications and palletizing systems optimize your palletizing and depalletizing processes sustainably and are fully automatically adapted to the production conditions in the mechanical and control technology area. They pick small load carriers (KLT), bags, cans, pails, trays, boxes, barrels and much more from different positions individually, in series or in situ.