Mobile Power: TRAPO Transport- and Warehouse Shuttle

At the LogiMAT 2019 TRAPO presents autonomous FTS for production and intralogistics


Gescher-Hochmoor, 01. February 2019 – Until now, driverless transport systems have either been permanently installed in high-bay warehouses or within production. At LogiMAT, TRAPO AG is presenting a perfect team with the combination of driverless transport systems: the TRAPO Transport Shuttle (TTS System) and the TRAPO Warehouse Shuttle (TWS System).

As standard, the TRAPO Transport Shuttle transports loads up to 2000kg during production, greater ones on request. The TTS can be flexibly configured according to a modular principle: Sizes, energy transfer and storage, drive and navigation can be combined as required. In addition, there is the possibility to supplement customer-specific superstructures, such as lift function, conveyor systems or robots. Special advantage: The TTS covers distances within production or goods inwards and creates more usable space by replacing conventional conveyors.

At the high-bay warehouse, one or more TRAPO Warehouse shuttles take over as required. The TWS covers three metres per second at an acceleration rate of 1.5m/s² and completes the cycle of driving out, gripping and driving in in a maximum of three seconds.

The TWS presented at LogiMAT is designed for E2 boxes (600 x 400 x 200mm) and a payload of 35 kilograms. Energy is supplied either by batteries or powercabs, charging preferably on the lifting device or a charging point in the lane. The shelving system has a modular structure and can be expanded flexibly. The performance can therefore be significantly increased at any time by additional TWS and other, easily integrated lifting devices.

Excellent processes under real operating conditions

At LogiMAT visitors will gain a lively insight into the possibilities of the system solutions from TRAPO AG. A complete conveyor line with TTS, high-bay warehouse, TRAPO Warehouse Lift (TWL) and TWS will be installed.


Press discussions at LogiMat 2019

Are you interested in a personal discussion at LogiMAT to familiarise yourself with the total plant concepts and the autonomous transport systems from TRAPO AG? Then please contact us and make an appointment:

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With its state-of-the-art technology, TRAPO AG, based in Gescher-Hochmoor, sets new global standards for smooth transitions in the automation of production and intralogistics. Its core competencies comprise conception and engineering, manufacturing and commissioning worldwide as well as after-sales service for intralogistics machinery and systems. Across industries, TRAPO solutions are used in picking, packing, palletizing, wrapping, conveying, warehousing and in sorting and distribution technology. The goal: To meet the globally increasing demand for the automation of all production processes.

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