Live-Performance: Palletizing, depalletizing and product handling

At ACHEMA TRAPO AG is presenting live the entire concept of a compact palletizing line for exact layer formation- and palletizing in the High-Speed range. With the high-speed layer palletizer HLP 6000 from the HLP Series, a modular system tailored to confined space scenarios. The flexible layer formation and product distribution is performed by the OMNI CON® table and a High-speed Kinematics System (HKS Series).



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TRAPO AG: Absolute flexibility with palletizing processes and warehouse stocking

Innovative intralogistics systems
for warehouse management and material flow

As leading provider of automatic, intralogistical total systems, TRAPO AG offers from a single source tailor-made solutions for warehouse management and material flow: At ACHEMA, the company from Gescher-Hochmoor, Westphalia, Germany presents live the total concept of a compact palletizing line for exact layer palletizing in the high-speed range.

With decades of competence and worldwide expertise in the core areas of conveying technology, robot systems, palletizing, depalletizing and automation, TRAPO AG presents itself as a renowned total systems provider.

Proven technologies and pioneering developments: With the HLP Series and the HLP 6000 High-Speed Layer Palletizer, TRAPO AG introduces a modular system which functions flexibly within manufacturing regarding product and application.

In the infeed area, according to product and task, product layers are formed as a preliminary stage employing the option of either the flexible, omni-directional table OMNI CON®, the five-element High-Speed Kinematic Systems (HKS Series) with pulse conveyor or traditional methods.

The cycle of layer formation and palletizing closes when a flexible robot depalletizes the layers.

The portfolio is rounded off by a high-speed Pick&Place-Robot from the TRAPO High-Speed Pick&Place Systems (HPPS Series) which functions live.

TRAPO AG offers maximum flexibility when it automates logistical flows depending on respective customer requirements – in an optimum interplay of conveying and palletizing technology, robots and tailor-made gripper technology. Robot applications and
-systems, palletizing and depalletizing procedures are thereby sustainably optimized and are fully automatically matched to the manufacturing circumstances regarding mechanical and technical control.


TRAPO AG: forming layers in confined space at high speed

The HLP 6000:
highspeed single-origin palletizing

High-Speed single-origin palletizing: With the High-Speed Layer Palletizer from the current HLP Series, TRAPO AG presents a modular system which functions flexibly for both product and industry at any point in the manufacturing process.

The palletizers of the HLP Series function with high and low infeed. The High-Speed Layer Palletizer product family is optionally equipped with y-axis, rotary module or even with a traversing axis – one or several palletizing stations can thus be served as required.

High-speed palletizing

The High-Speed Layer Palletizer – HLP 6000 from the HLP Series offers high performance with a compact footprint – and serves a virtually unlimited range of products: highly flexible, as it can be adjusted for any product. Perfect, neat layers and stacks can be achieved at maximum capacity with the customer employing a high degree of product diversity and different formats. With this considerable advantage, the HLP plays its unique selling point, its absolute flexibility: For, until now, a lot of changing effort was necessary in order to implement layer patterns. The HLP 6000 places perfectly, thus realizing any layer patterns of different formats.

Perfect interplay

Each product with its specific characteristics prescribes the requirements to a palletizing plant. Solutions for this requirement are created by TRAPO AG with combinations which make the perfect overall system.

Basic modules of the HLP 6000 are the lifting columns, the layer gripper and the feed track. The HLP 6000 introduces itself with three variants:

  • basic variant

  • a variant with y-axis – there the HLP 6000 serves several palletizing stations and can function with both high and low infeed

  • a variant with rotary module or transverse axis or a combination of both: There the traversing high-speed professional travels on a prescribed stretch, whereby the rotatable variant functions in a radius of 180°


  • Small footprint

  • Extremely compact

  • Modular system

  • Several feeds

  • Infeed below/above

  • Most varied intermediate layer versions

  • High speeds

  • Option of palletizing at several palletizing stations

  • Palletizing capacity of up to 10 layers/min

TRAPO AG presents the High-Speed Pick&Place Systems (HPPS Series)

Secure packing
at high speed

As a total systems provider, TRAPO AG presents in a live performance at ACHEMA the modular High-Speed Pick&Place Systems (HPPS Series) which unite components such as robots, frame units, camera systems and conveying technology. The picker cell offers maximum performance, individual TRAPO gripper technology and proven know-how in the field of hygiene design.

The flexible high-speed picker line of the TRAPO HPPS Series impresses with up to 200 picks/min per robot in continuous operation. It comprises individual picker cells with up to two, or up to four, picker robots and can be extended as desired. The Pick&Place-Robots function in an enormous working radius and perform with consistently exact, repeat precision.

The HPPS Series was conceived especially for packaging tasks in high-care sectors such as food, pharmaceutical production, photovoltaics and cosmetics. There, the special TRAPO competence in the field of hygiene design – and the in-house stainless steel manufacturing prove themselves.

Within the framework of the live performance, the Pick&Place-Robot grips a workpiece scheduled for machining from the mass of workpieces and places it in a predefined position for further processing – at the fair it will be Sanisticks.


  • High-speed picker line with modular construction

  • High flexibility at up to 200 picks/min per robot

  • Picker cell extendable at any time

  • Special TRAPO competence in the field of hygienic design, clean-room application and stainless steel manufacture

  • Individual gripper technology through in-house gripper development and -production

  • Hygiene plus (FDA-compliant): The entire picker cell is easily cleaned during cleaning processes

  • Flexible feeding of trays for placing of products


Flexible layer formation and product distribution

OMNI CON® and High-Speed Kinematic Systems (HKS Series)

As a total systems provider, TRAPO AG answers the demands of most varied applications for implementation of complex layer patterns at maximum capacity.

OMNI CON® complements the total portfolio for perfect material flow: With maximum flexibility, speed and precision it moves objects simultaneously and yet independently of one another in order to position them in a product-caring manner as a layer, employing any desired layer pattern.

Decisive advantages of OMNI CON are its flexibility and the gentle transport of the products. As such, it unites the logistical requirement of a modest-sized conveyor line and positioning of objects with more than one degree of freedom – it moves, positions, orientates and rotates products simultaneously and independently of one another in any desired direction.

Gentle conveying goods movement with three degrees of freedom enable perfect layer formation: Products can be moved in any desired xy-direction and be rotated about the z-axis.

OMNI CON thus realizes any desired layer pattern – any pallet sizes, also special sizes, are mappable.

In the area of layer formation and product distribution, the High-Speed Kinematic Systems from the TRAPO HKS Series position exactly. They create the layers, as with OMNI CON, according to application and product. Thus, widely-varying products can be moved and positioned. According to layer pattern specification and product dimensions, OMNI CON® and parallel kinematics program themselves – thanks to TRAPO’s own software.


With the TRAPO Intelligent Managementsystem key data in view

TIM® raises the potential in
digital manufacturing

As a professional in CONVEYING TECHNOLOGY | ROBOT SYSTEMS | AUTOMATION, TRAPO AG develops and supplies individual machines und complete lines. With the TRAPO Intelligent Managementsystem, TIM® for short, TRAPO AG gives a convincing response to Vision Industry 4.0.

TIM® has been developed from practical machinery experience for automated machinery building: TIM® is the industry-independent, customer-configurable data management system and creates the link to the production plants.

With the TRAPO Intelligent Managementsystem customers have their company’s key data in view, in real-time. The data analysis from TIM can be utilized uniformly – with limited permissions for the respective user level.

Management level thereby gains insight into management-relevant production data. It is always informed about plant and plant component condition. As a result, optimizations within production lead to maximum machine performance. Equally in view: sales and production figures. Moreover, evaluations are naturally also possible.

The machine operator level receives optimum online-support. As such, information on operating equipment, plant components and plant condition are available. Service, maintenance and spare-part management can be performed in a proactive, time- and cost-saving manner.

TIM helps to raise digitization potential. Close to real production evaluations can be recorded, production flows can be improved promptly and personnel deployment planned long-term.


Data – Figures – Facts


Year of establishment

Volker Kugel

Employees in the group

Production area
11,250 m²

Turnover volume in the group
ca. € 37m. (Status 2017)

Industriestraße 1
48712 Gescher-Hochmoor, Germany
with a worldwide, internationally positioned customer network

Company profile
Our know-how: Conveying technology, robot systems & automation

TRAPO AG develops and produces tailor-made solutions in the fields of conveying technology, robot systems and automation. We set new standards worldwide – for flowing transfers in production and intralogistics.

Our strength: maximum efficiency in production & intralogistics

TRAPO AG meets the logistical challenges and the globally increasing need for automation of entire production processes.

Worldwide our customers profit from special know-how from half a century. Traditionally, we assume the leading function when it comes to finding new sector solutions.

As a leading provider, TRAPO AG controls efficiency, convenience and security in production, warehousing and logistics.

Your benefit: secure, intelligently-controlled flows

TRAPO technology shapes trendsetting supply-chain solutions – from the conveyor line to picking and placing. We create greatest possible operational security with exclusive, time-sensitive service tools. Thanks to special, intelligent components and consistent economy, we significantly raise the competitive advantage in your production and intralogistics.

Fair exhibits
Total concept of a compact palletizing line for exact layer formations and palletizing in the highspeed range.

  • With the High-Speed Layer Palletizer HLP 6000 from the HLP Series, TRAPO AG introduces a modular system with adaptability to confined space scenarios.

  • In the infeed area, according to product and task, product layers are formed as a preliminary stage employing the option of either the flexible, omni-directional table OMNI CON®, the five-element High-Speed Kinematic System (HKS Series) with pulse conveyor or traditional methods.

  • Automatic depalletizing with a flexible robot

  • TIM®

  • Currently the world’s fastest Pick&Place-Robot

Group affiliates

TRAPOROL is the specialist and leading provider of idler rollers, motor rollers, expansion elements and accessories for conveying technology systems.

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TRAPO AG is positioned worldwide with its representatives and is represented globally in all important locations.