Exclusive partnership sealed with SWEMA

Exclusive partnership sealed with SWEMA

In a confident presence at Upakovka, TRAPO AG brought dynamism into the market for conveying technology, robotic systems and automization. For the first time in Moscow a sales team and board member Volker Kugel informed visitors about the product- and service portfolio.

Europe-wide TRAPO AG is technology leader in modular conveying- and robotic systems. The company, based in Gescher-Hochmoor, can refer to decades of experience. Today the company has intelligent, highly-flexible and combinable components for conveying- and handling components. "We consider the strived-for internationalization as a relevant pillar of our company strategy", emphasised Volker Kugel at Upakovka.

"Thanks to the extraordinary quality of our systems we see an enormous growth potential there!" The goal is ambitious: To be the world's market-leading supplier of solutions in the field of conveying technology, robotic systems and automization.

The future market of Russia hides considerable investment potential: aspects such as reliability, experience, efficiency, greatest precision and economy of a system were paramount - criteria with which TRAPO AG wants to score in all world markets.

A proven total package is offered to customers - with regards to required technology but also regarding planning, development, installation, after-sales service and presence on-site. Sales- and service partner for Russia will be managing director Andrej Makschakow's SWEMA team.