Mature Human-Robot-Collaboration (MRK)

It is our vision to improve future life- and working conditions with modern automation solutions.
As a partner in industrial automation we are also thus reshaping collaboration between human and robot – with modern MRK concepts which sustainably humanize workplaces.
Here, MRK robots revolutionize collaboration within production by isolating error sources and sustainably unburdening employees.
When human and robot jointly perform assembly work, this optimizes working conditions within production — and as a result increases efficiency, flexibility and safety.

MRK: Human and Robot share workspace

  • MRK robots lift heavy weights and assume monotonous tasks; in order to unburden employees
  • Assistant robots work as an additional hand of the human colleague
  • Reproduceable processes are performed enduringly and in perfect quality by an MRK robot
  • Maximum flexibility in production
  • Human & robot function outside the safety fence
  • Hands and grippers touch each other and function danger-free when processing workpieces next to and with each other

The advantages of current drive technology, robotics and functional safety such as of image processing and IT networking are bundled in automated complete lines. Here we optimally exploit the special capabilities of human and machine within production.

Robots, whose action space was to date limited to special safety zone, function on the TRAPO Transportshuttle (TTS). The TTS can be docked at any workspace within the production area. The mobile MRK robot is available there for example for palletizing purposes.

Robot and human reach out to each other

A four-metre high fascinating sculpture has found its place on the works’ premises at TRAPO AG. For this, the Italian artist Angelo Monitillo utilized punched-out and lasered parts left over from the manufacturing process. His tool: the welding device. His theme: MRK — the danger-free encounter between human and robot.