TIM )))


With the TRAPO Intelligent Managementsystem, TIM for short, customers have their production keyfigures in sight.

The TRAPO AG developed, sectorindependent, customer-configurable data management system forms the central interface between production systems and TIM.

unique – intelligent – secure

Your advantages

Increase in results

  • Improvement in production times
  • Effective time management
  • Cost reduction
  • Quality increase

System optimization

  • Logging of parameter changes
  • Performance comparison based on the changes
  • Optimization of energy requirement
  • Higher capacity
  • More effective systems

Limitless availability

  • Management-relevant data, retrievable worldwide
  • Secure TRAPO cloud
  • 24 hours online

Your advantages

Flexible customization

  • Company-specific configurable search
  • Definition of interfaces to third-party systems
  • Import - export functionalities
  • Connectivity to ERP systems

Spare part- and preventive service

  • Notification of due maintenance
  • Early notice of potential wear parts
  • Info on replacement intervals for spare- and wear parts
  • Digital shopping cart

Everything in view

Individually tailored to your company - choose between four modules

TIM ))) income statement for maximum result